Mary-Le-Bone Gin is a pure craft spirit – a London Dry Gin made in the heart of London, using traditional methods.

The botanicals are left to steep in wheat grain spirit overnight, and then carefully distilled, with only the best liquid – the ‘heart cut’ – diluted to 50.2% ABV. It’s a strength that echoes those gins enjoyed in the pleasure gardens – though today’s incarnation is much easier on the palate.

But, in keeping with Johnny’s spirit of innovation and exploration, he has  commissioned the creation of a wonderful tiny copper pot still, and named her Isabella, to produce an even more limited-edition spirit.


Isabella. Marylebone Gin Still

Isabella sits proudly in the 108 Brasserie, in the Marylebone Hotel, giving the Pleasure Gardens Distilling company a home in what is probably London’s most centrally located distillery.

Named after Isabella Greenall, the starting point of the neill adventures in gin – after whom Johnny’s daughter is also named. Isabella takes the craft of making Mary-Le-Bone gin to an even more elevated and exclusive level.

Isabella is a 50 litre capacity still, weighing a mere 20 kg, made from the finest parts sourced from UK and USA, before final assembly in London.

Her still lid and column are made from copper, which reduces sulfide content during the distillation process, so the final gin tastes and smells purer. Isabella’s moonshine-style thumper also increases the proof and purity of the gin by providing a second distillation during the single batch run. This and her antique copper lid were custom-made in Madison County, Idaho by an artisan coppersmith. The lid was beaten from an antique sheet of reclaimed copper the coppersmith saved for a special occasion. She has a stainless-steel boiler and an open stainless-steel ice bucket cooler for condensing the finished spirit.